Polyfulmate® Provides Hydrating Electrolytes

Discovered with Science.
Delivered by Nature.

One hundred and fifty million years ago the entire Earth was like one giant rain forest; the world was young, fertile, lush and teeming with life and energy. There were no man-made toxins or chemicals and Mother Nature provided everything the Earth needed to sustain and regenerate life. Since those early days, natural processes have been hard at work condensing all the energy and fertile lushness of the old world and transforming it into a rich, hydrating material known as humified organic matter (HOM). From this ancient earth we extract Polyfulmate®, within which all the benefits of this early life and youth are captured in a highly condensed natural material. And like many things that come from the rainforests today, our scientists have found that Polyfulmate®, a powerful and unique fulvic acid extracted from ancient Earth, will enhance and improve the quality of our life and appearance.

Polyfulmate's origins come from humified orgainc matter

The BPW Sciences laboratory has perfected a method of extracting Polyfulmate® from the most pristine sources of humified organic matter in the world. The extraction process retains all the nutrients and electrolytes from nature in Polyfulmate®, so it can rejuvenate and reenergize skin cells.

Polyfulmate® is an Organic Bioactive Polyelectrolyte derived from humified organic matter with outstanding healing characteristics. Polyfulmate® is the embodiment of the organic material that was once a lush and alive rainforest. This unique polyelectrolyte material is available from only two sources of humified organic matter and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

Polyfulmate® has the unique ability to metabolize a wide range of oils, botanicals and even herbal extracts. These compounds are then transported to living cells, which instantly absorb the target material. In other words, Polyfulmate® will absorb and transport any compound to target cells, efficiently providing needed nutrients, hydration, or minerals to those cells.

The natural origins of Polyfulmate® give it a detoxifying effect known to catalyze the breakdown of toxic pollutants and restore balance to damaged cells. This detoxifying quality can also heal cells, stimulate growth and enhance cell replication.

Humified Organic Matter

Humified Organic Matter

Humified organic matter is the result of slow, natural decomposition of organic matter by microbes and the environment over millions of years. While many mistake it for other known materials, humified organic matter is a unique, nutrient rich reservoir that supplies life-sustaining nourishment to virtually all living organisms.

Humifed organic matter is a sustainable resource that is millions of years old. During this time, it has had the opportunity to absorb all of the nutrients and hydrating properties of the ancient plants that created it.

Humified organic matter has several attributes that promote the growth of living cells.

Nutrient Rich
Humified organic matter is a nutrient rich, uniform substance that acts as a long-term storage reservoir of minerals, vitamins and all chemicals needed for organic growth.

Humified organic matter is a colloidal (uniform particle sizes) substance and increases cation exchange capacity, which in turn increases the ability to store nutrients by chelation (forming of multiple bonds between ligand and central atoms).

Given the spongy, amorphous structure of humified organic matter, it can store 80-90% of its weight in water, making it the ultimate hydration tool for cells.
BPW Sciences utilizes a patented process to derive Polyfulmate® from only the most unspoiled, untouched humified organic matter in the world.

Polyfulmate® Benefits

The Polyfulmate Molecule

Polyfulmate® has extensive benefits for all living organisms and it extends these benefits to living cells by metabolizing and transporting a wide range of active materials to be absorbed and assimilated by cells. This gives Polyfulmate® the unique ability to deliver enhanced nutrients and metabolize the necessary electrolytes for proper skin and body hydration in a penetrating way. So, not only does it transport vitamins, minerals and essential oils to target cells, but it also increases the ability of these materials to be absorbed through the skin. A few of the specific Polyfulmate® benefits are:

Electro-chemical balance
Any healthy organic system requires electro-chemical balance. Polyfulmate® is available as both a donor and acceptor of electrons, depending on the requirements of cells, and helps to maintain the optimal pH balance within cells. Thus, Polyfulmate® works to correct any imbalances present and restore cells to the balances intended by nature.

Increased Absorption
Polyfulmate® dissolves minerals and transforms them into elaborate molecular structures with different characteristics than their previous form. In particular, these new molecular structures have increased absorption capabilities, dramatically increasing the rate of absorption within cells. A faster absorption rate means that nutrients and electrolytes are brought to cells quicker, so cells are repaired and rehydrated faster.

When a material is absorbed by Polyfulmate® and a new molecular structure is created for it, these molecular complexes become relatively heavy while still maintaining a small molecular size. The result is that Polyfulmate® acid can easily penetrate cells and carry with it the target nutrients.

Polyfulmate® has been known to reduce or eliminate toxic substances by breaking down and surrounding pollutants and restoring electrical and chemical balance to damaged cells.

Catalyze Vitamins
Polyfulmate® has the ability to introduce and carry vitamins into cell structures by easily passing through semi-permeable membranes. Within the complex molecular structure of Polyfulmate®, the vitamins are catalyzed and then utilized by the cells.

The organic acid in Polyfulmate® delivers electrolytes and hydration to cells resulting in peak performance and health.
BPW Sciences has created a variety of formulations that leverage these benefits to bring restorative properties to the target cells that need them most.

Uses of Polyfulmate®

When coupled with other vitamins and essential oils, Polyfulmate® supercharges skin products to be more effective in tightening, hydrating and correcting skin issues. BPW Sciences uses Polyfulmate® to create a product line that meets a wide variety of individual needs.

Skin Creams
Using Polyfulmate®, skin cream can deliver targeted hydration to dry or damaged cells. Since Polyfulmate® has the ability to pass through semi-permeable membranes, it can deliver hydrating materials to cells quickly and efficiently.

Damaged Cells
In the form of a lotion, Polyfulmate® can deliver targeted vitamins, minerals and nutrients to sooth and repair damaged cells. Specific skin diseases such as shingles and psoriasis can be ministered to with Polyfulmate® products to help relieve symptoms.

Lip Balms
Given the hydrating and nutritional benefits of Polyfulmate®, the compound can be applied to damaged or chapped lips for hydrating and repairing cells.
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